Reader’s Choice (prediction): This Time will be Different

This Time will be Different

by Hazel Turner

This time will be different. It won’t happen again.

This time, I’ll be ready. I’ll put my little black dress on. It’s not had an airing for a while, not since the new gallery opened and you’ve been working such long hours. Yes my bum does look big in it; I’ve put on a few pounds lately, but you always said you liked something to grab. 

This time, when you come home, you’ll see a new me. I’ve reinvented myself for you. A new hairstyle, complete makeover. I know you’ll like it, I took a picture of her when she got out of your car last week. Now, I could be her twin. I wonder if you’ll notice.

I’ll be ready with your whiskey and soda, and look into your eyes like I used to, and ask about your day and sit on the arm of your chair pretending to be interested when you harp on about your latest commission, and I’ll throw in a few boosts for your ego. You’ll fall in love with me all over again. I’ll top up your drink and stroke the back of your neck. I know you like that – I saw her do it. I’ll kiss you and beg you to let me feel your body against mine, I’ll tell you that I’ve been missing you. I know you won’t resist. You never can.

She’ll be arriving just about then, responding to the text I sent her from your phone.  She’ll come straight in, she always does. She’ll pause, shocked that her need to be loved more than her sister has failed this time. While I pick up her sculpture that you so raved about, that has to have pride of place on our coffee table, that also happens to be covered in her fingerprints, and bring it crashing down on your skull.

Hazel Turner is a retired headteacher, a scot living in South Yorkshire, I love writing flash and short stories using characters I’ve met as inspiration.

Our Reader said:

This piece follows my favorite structure for flash fiction: an immersive buildup leading to a twist ending. There is skillful characterization of all three characters, and in very few words we get a detailed portrait of the relationships and lives of this trio. I was captivated from the first sentence to the last.


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